Speed New eCover

After leaving the military, Kane “Speed” Weston returns to the Black Hawk MC, the club he grew up in, and the only family he has left. With his father’s spot open, he prepares to fill the position. What he finds upon his return, the military nor the MC could have prepared him for. 

Sami Borelli was raised in an MC. With her father being the club president, she’d been referred to as a princess, feeling anything but. Sami moved to the Black Hawk MC’s territory when her father’s club faced internal problems, turning her into a liability instead of an asset. She met a man at a club party who changed her life, but when she went back, he was gone, only to return years later with no memory of her while she remembered everything about him.

The sons of the Black Hawk MC are home and ready to take the places within the club they were groomed for. What they were never taught was how to handle losing their hearts.

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