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June 25, 2023

Black Hawk MC is back and brings the chaos of their families along with them.

Jag and Devil watch their dads, Flyboy and Preacher, take the fall when two new women move to the area and the men wish they didn’t have ringside seats.

Crusher and Ghost have survived being married to Carly and Luna, but know they won’t be left unscathed by their boys—especially when the boys take after their mothers.

Growing interest from Tracker for Ally tests Speed and Coast’s friendship.

Flirt gets reminded that Sawyer and Ally are the same age and, for once, faces something out of his control.

On the other hand, the women, along with the dads, feed fuel to the fire as they watch their men struggle with the changes occurring in the club as the next generation is growing up—mainly the girls—which the men label as atonements for their own youth.

The dynamics change around them, and the leadership questions when they started losing control of the club.