Haven MC Transparent

Linc Harris found a home at Haven MC, one that came with men whom he was honored to call his brothers. The club has suffered from some internal issues, and it is time to put them to rest and set Haven on a new path. But in doing so, Moose’s past, one he thought he had neatly tucked away, is brought front and center. It isn’t one he really ever wanted to let go; it was just one he’d hoped to settle when he was ready.

Kathryn Stevens has reached her dream of becoming a doctor, and she did it even while putting her heart back together. She refuses to allow anyone in who could open those wounds again, so when she is targeted to be used as a pawn, she gets the opportunity to test her resolve. But she is the first to admit, the man who caused her to even implement the resolve—is the only one she would trust to save her.

Join the men of Haven MC as they prove that not only should you never judge a book by its cover, you shouldn’t judge men for the sole fact they ride Harleys and wear leather.

Kaden “Hawk” Cross is used to being in control of every aspect of his life: from his short stint in the military to his VP position in the Haven MC. But when he meets a woman who threatens his control, he is reminded why he never makes rash decisions—they tend to come back and bite you.

Charlie Rhoades is a woman who has always gone after what she wants. And taking a job across the country that would give her the opportunity to look for the grandfather she never met made sense. What didn’t make sense? Is finding a man who heats her blood but seems totally aloof toward her. But being a bounty hunter, she isn’t easily deterred by his actions; she is more apt to be assertive. Good for her, not so much for the biker who would rather be the pursuer.

On the outside, Haven MC is the typical motorcycle club filled with bikers—on the inside, they are men with the knowledge and abilities to keep not only their club safe but their country. Missions come and go, but what keeps the men of Haven committed, is the unwavering Brotherhood and the acceptance from the women who cross their paths.   

Reed “Keg” Borelli loves his freedom, and to him, nothing beats hitting the open road with his club brothers. At least it used to be that way before two of them settled down with ol’ ladies. He is happy for his brothers, maybe even a little jealous. Keg once thought he had found love. Instead, he chalked it up to being young.

Until she returns.

Raven Allen is back in the town she was raised in. Except for this time as a woman with responsibilities and harboring at least one regret. She figures life has come full circle when she faces the man who, at a young age, had held her whole heart. But if life had taught her anything – it was happiness wasn’t meant for her. She experienced it twice, and each time it had been ripped away.

Haven MC is placed on standby when a local gang steps up their illegal activity. The situation isn’t generally in the realm of their directives, but as the gang’s activity threatens to touch one of their own – the sphere changes – and Keg realizes he can either hold on to the feeling of betrayal or grasp the second chance life has offered.