Her Way or No Way

O’Hagan’s gym has been a part of the south side community of Chicago for decades. Kearney O’Hagan’s family has owned the gym since his great-grandfather emigrated to the city from Ireland. Most men in his shoes with only a daughter to carry on the tradition of turning out some of the best fighters would worry about the end to a legacy—but most men didn’t have a daughter like Teagan.

Teagan O’Hagan grew up in her father’s gym. She was used to taking a ribbing from the men who trained there, and it never bothered her. At least not until the two friends join and question Teagan’s role at the place, leaving her wondering if it was their questions or the fact she was attracted to them that has her temper flaring.

Maximum Masetti and Nicolo Asaro are best friends and cousins who train together, each for a different weight class. The small time fights bring them extra cash, but they have their sights on the big league.  However, to get there, they need a trainer/manager and a gym to back them. When they think they have found the perfect place, their attraction to the fiery redhead who works in the gym could be their personal downfall, one they’d be willing to take.

While the attraction grows into more than either party expected—Teagan shows Max and Nico that if they’re going to succeed in the MMA to the next level, it will be Her Way or No Way.

two paths One destiny

Four years of wasted time in a gang was nothing compared to what lay ahead for me—the rest of my life and what I chose to make of it. It would have been easier for me to head toward failure than to work my way out.

But everything worthwhile comes at a cost.

Growing up a step above poverty was an excuse I used for circumstances I hadn’t wanted to claim as my own. At least until I was smacked in the face with them. Decisions and my actions would both play roles in my success and failure.

I believe life is defined by different events that lead us to our destiny.
But what happens when events occur to two different people and cross at some point?

I’m Luca Lucio Moretti, and I’ll tell you the answer… 

My Life. Her Life. Our Life.