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Speed – In book one: Kane “Speed” Weston, after leaving the military, returns to Black Hawk MC, the club he grew up in, the only family he has left. With his father’s spot open, he prepares to fill the position. What he finds upon his return, the military nor the MC could have prepared him for. 

Sami Borelli was raised in an MC. With her father being the president of the club, she’d been referred to as a princess, feeling anything but. Sami moved to Black Hawk territory when her father’s club faced internal problems, turning her into a liability instead of an asset. She met a man at a club party who changed her life, but when she went back, he was gone, only to return years later with no memory of her while she remembered everything about him.

Crusher – In book two: Russ “Crusher” Davis will take over as president of Black Hawk MC when his father steps down. He realizes the job isn’t going to be easy, but with his friends, the club’s support and loyalty of its members behind him, there are no problems he can’t solve.

Carly Monroe has been raised in one club and protected by another but has no trust in either. Club life may work for her friend; however, she has no plans to follow in her footsteps, not for Sami or for the man whose touch puts cracks in the wall she’s built around her heart.

Devil – In book three: Lance “Devil” Cummings had put the past behind him for the most part until recently when he watched two of his brothers take the fall, bringing front and center everything he had lost. For his friends, he couldn’t be happier, but for himself – he couldn’t deny he wanted what they found – the one person meant to be his solace. What haunted Devil the most, was that he’d met her, possessed her, and then let her go.

Bailey Tolson left the bad memories behind when she moved from Shades Valley. When she returned to help her mother recuperate there was no time to spend focused on the past, at least until he walked in the door of her mother’s business.

Two people – one past. One with questions – one with the answers.

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Ghost – Book 4: Braxton “Ghost” Carver lost a lot in his life and struggled to find his way. If not for his friend and SEAL team member, Max Browning’s suggestion to come to Black Hawk MC with him, Brax wasn’t sure whether he would have survived life’s latest blow. However, even with acceptance from the club and the time he needed to heal, he wondered if his life would ever come into balance again.

Luna Wildflower Madison has been on her own for more years than she cared to count. Even when the Ops Warriors took her into their fold, she still felt as if something was missing and hadn’t quite found her place in the world. Well, at least not until she runs into a friend from her past, one she never expected to see again.

Will a chance encounter bring two people a second chance? Or will life once again show how unkind it can be?

Jag – Book 5: Dominic “Jag” Amara is calm, cool, and always in control. Being the club’s attorney and its VP, he needs to be, people depend on him. But he finds it all tested every time he comes in contact with a certain redhead. She pushes buttons he didn’t even know he possessed.

River Ramey is starting over with a new town, a new job, a new life. She needs and deserves it. What she doesn’t need are the feelings the arrogant biker brings out in her. She has already gotten rid of one man who tried to control her and has no plans to get tied up with another. No matter how attracted she is to him.

As River and Jag spend time together their pasts come calling—can they handle what the past stirs up—or will they let it pull them in different directions?

Coast – Book 6: As one of the enforcers to the club, Emery “Coast” Cortez is used to others doing as he says, not out of fear, but respect for him and the position he holds. His mixed-race has never been an issue with the club, but growing up, the outside world wasn’t always as easily accepting of his Mexican/Native American ethnicity.  

Coast learned at an early age to ignore the slurs, the derogatory statements and the presumptions made off his looks alone. Instead, focusing on the goals he set and single-mindedly reaching each one while others wasted their time trying to deter him. With his mind set on Mackenzie Minton, she doesn’t have a chance—that’s if he can get her to quit dodging him at every turn. The woman was going to be his whether she knew it or not.

Dr. Mackenzie “Mac” Minton not once has regretted the decision to change her field of study from trauma surgeon to obstetrics and gynecology—only what happened to cause her to make the choice.

Now in a town she’d visited as a child with her OBGYN practice specializing in high-risk pregnancies, she is content. At least in her professional life. Her personal life—a totally different subject. And Mac’s not sure she’ll ever find contentment there. However, she is certain the larger than life, overbearing biker is definitely not the answer to her problem.

Well, she’s mostly certain.

Flirt – Book 7: Max “Flirt” Browning has watched a group of men he considers more than club brothers take the plunge into family life. As the last man standing, he’s not opposed to following them—he’s just never found the right woman. At least not before Brie walked into his life.   

With her, he could see a future. Getting her to see that he was interested in more than a couple of sexual encounters a month could cost every ounce of control Flirt possessed. The control he needed as much as the air he breathes. For her—he’d do whatever it took.

Gabriella “Brie” Agassi has had to manage every aspect of her life, from raising a daughter to building a pediatric practice. With not much free time to pursue a relationship—and considering when she tried, it had been one disastrous date after another—she takes matters into her own hands and visits Whispering Nights.

At the club, she’d find a take-charge man to whom she could relinquish total sexual control for an hour or two. Giving her the break needed from her responsibilities to bring balance back into her life. Balance she hasn’t had since her fiancé died.

Meeting Max Browning, Brie wondered how much her need for balance was going to cost her. And if she’d be willing or able to pay the price.



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Moose’s Regret: Linc “Moose” Harris found a home at Haven MC, one that came with men whom he was honored to call his brothers. The club has suffered from some internal issues, and it is time to put them to rest and set Haven on a new path. But in doing so, Moose’s past, one he thought he had neatly tucked away, is brought front and center. It isn’t one he really ever wanted to let go; it was just one he’d hoped to settle when he was ready.

Kathryn Stevens has reached her dream of becoming a doctor, and she did it even while putting her heart back together. She refuses to allow anyone in who could open those wounds again, so when she is targeted to be used as a pawn, she gets the opportunity to test her resolve. But she is the first to admit, the man who caused her to even implement the resolve—is the only one she would trust to save her.

Join the men of Haven MC as they prove that not only should you never judge a book by its cover, you shouldn’t judge men for the sole fact they ride Harleys and wear leather.

Hawk’s Bounty: Kaden “Hawk” Cross is used to being in control of every aspect of his life: from his short stint in the military to his VP position in the Haven MC. But when he meets a woman who threatens his control, he is reminded why he never makes rash decisions—they tend to come back and bite you.

Charlie Rhoades is a woman who has always gone after what she wants. And taking a job across the country that would give her the opportunity to look for the grandfather she never met made sense. What didn’t make sense? Is finding a man who heats her blood but seems totally aloof toward her. But being a bounty hunter, she isn’t easily deterred by his actions; she is more apt to be assertive. Good for her, not so much for the biker who would rather be the pursuer.

On the outside, Haven MC is the typical motorcycle club filled with bikers—on the inside, they are men with the knowledge and abilities to keep not only their club safe but their country. Missions come and go, but what keeps the men of Haven committed, is the unwavering Brotherhood and the acceptance from the women who cross their paths.

Keg’s Revelation: Reed “Keg” Borelli loves his freedom, and to him, nothing beats hitting the open road with his club brothers. At least it used to be that way before two of them settled down with ol’ ladies. He is happy for his brothers, maybe even a little jealous. Keg once thought he had found love. Instead, he chalked it up to being young.

Until she returns.

Raven Allen is back in the town she was raised in. Except for this time as a woman with responsibilities and harboring at least one regret. She figures life has come full circle when she faces the man who, at a young age, had held her whole heart. But if life had taught her anything – it was happiness wasn’t meant for her. She experienced it twice, and each time it had been ripped away.

Haven MC is placed on standby when a local gang steps up their illegal activity. The situation isn’t generally in the realm of their directives, but as the gang’s activity threatens to touch one of their own – the sphere changes – and Keg realizes he can either hold on to the feeling of betrayal or grasp the second chance life has offered.