Memorial Day Weekend

A reminder to be safe this busy holiday weekend. For some school has ended and families will set out on vacation. Others will be taking advantage of the three day weekend to travel and visit family. Whether on the highways or staying close to home, may your weekend and travel be safe. This holiday weekend... Continue Reading →

Holiday Weekend

Whether you are staying at home or traveling for the weekend - be safe. Storms are moving across the States, and if you live in the south as I do - tornado season is in full swing. I'll be spending the weekend writing since we are due rain every day. Currently working on Keg's Revelation... Continue Reading →

Settling into the New Year

Getting back into a schedule after enjoying the holidays with my boys is a struggle for me. I love having them home, but it sure messes with my daily writing. Now I have my days back to myself, so slowing working to settle back in. I have 3 books going - Keg's Revelation (Haven MC);... Continue Reading →

Writing and Waiting

I haven't been too active on social media because I'm wrapping up the final stage of my next release Jag. Also writing to finish Breaking and Entering. So while I'm working, I am patiently waiting for the weather to cool off. I want to open my windows and air out the house. Sit outside without... Continue Reading →

First Day of Fall

So much for the 1st of Fall for me. I'm sitting in the airconditioned house since it is in the 90's today. Mother Nature needs to get with the program or retire. But since I am in the house, I'm getting some writing done and working on branding. Jag is in the final stages to... Continue Reading →


Yes, I will be venturing into the newsletter waters. Not sure I have enough interesting things to say, but I'm game if you are. If anything, it should be fun to watch me fumble around for a bit while I get organized. So if you are interested, signup to receive my newsletters when I get... Continue Reading →

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